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Ask the Chefs

Ask the Chefs

Our team of experts are here to help with whatever has you stumped on throwing the perfect event. Stuck on a recipe? Not sure what to feed the kids? New kitchen gadgets? We’re here to help.

Ask the chefs

Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week

Don’t you hate it when you open up the vegetable drawer and spot that plastic produce bag at the bottom that’s filled with green slime that used to be herbs? You can extend the lifespan of washed herbs and greens by several days by rolling them up in damp paper towels and placing them in zipper-lock bags with the seals left slightly open.

The paper towels will even give you a built-in freshness indicator. At the first hint of decay, you’ll see darker spots of liquid forming on the paper towels. This is a good sign that you should use up your herbs and greens within a day or two.

For chopped or picked herbs, store them in a small deli container with a folded up damp paper towel on top of them.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials “Thank you Twist Catering for providing my guests with such a delectable meal. My guests cannot stop raving about your work. I look forward to having you cater in the near future. “– Jessica Mars, Body by Mars- Owner- Whitby
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