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Twist Catering

The Business of Good Food

At TWIST CATERING, we aim to do great things with food but do them exceptionally well. When TWIST CATERING first opened its doors in 2002, the goal was simple: to serve high quality, delicious food with a “Twist” that provided an experience that not only exceeded expectations, but redefined every day menu items.

To that end, we focus on sourcing the best possible ingredients, serving the tastiest food, and growing the most capable team we can.

Good food IS good business.

Meet the Chef

Chef La-toya

Chef La-toya fell in love with cooking at the young age of 17. She graduated from George Brown’s Chef School and continued to train at a number of top restaurants and hotels throughout Toronto, Europe and Mexico.

Born in Canada of Jamaican descent, she grew up cooking and eating “island foods,” but didn’t truly appreciate that cuisine until recently. After gaining years of experience, La-toya’s creativity started to flourish and she crafted her own take on ‘Island Paradise’, fusing her cooking style of traditional Caribbean ingredients together with Mediterranean flavours. This created some new flavours, with some familiarity of home-style, soulful goodness. Within months of experimentation, determination and hard work, La-toya tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit and Twist Catering came to fruition.

“I love everything about food – the smells, the flavours, the tastes, the texture and colours and mainly combining the raw essence of ingredients and putting it together, creating an explosion of tastes on one’s palate. As my motto states its Culinary Simplicity with a Twist.”

La-toya is destined for stardom. She has been labeled as Toronto’s Rising Star and was formally named Executive Chef to LIVEstyle Entertainment Supper Clubs doing film festivals all over the world. She appeared monthly on Rogers Daytime Toronto and was the food expert on the Marilyn Denis show. She uses her passion for food matched with her vibrant and contagious personality to engage audiences to relate to her. The Toronto Star, Cuisine Noir and The Canadian Press are only 3 of the numerous stories written about La-toya and her exotic, innovative cuisine.

“Food is the hub of all things, food is what makes people happy, and it is what brings people together.”